#7 Walk (or cruise) Down Christmas Tree Lane

Christmas Tree Lane (aka Thompson Ave)

Well, the holidays are now in full swing. And if you haven’t checked it out this year yet, head on over to Christmas Tree Lane (aka Thompson Avenue) once the sun goes down and it is fully dark. The houses are decked out in full splendor this year to celebrate the holidays.

Also, beginning tomorrow evening (and every evening up until Christmas, weather permitting!) from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm, Santa Clause is there to entertain the children (along with his elves to help direct traffic). And even when he is not in attendance, Santa’s mailbox is there to whisk away Christmas wish lists to the North Pole.

For many Alameda families it’s an annual tradition. And with most of the homes staying lit through New Year’s, you have plenty of time to make it a tradition of yours as well.

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