A Dim Sum Feast Served At East Ocean Seafood Restaurant

If you haven’t tried it, you’ve really been missing a terrific culinary treat. Dim Sum has its roots in travellers on the ancient Silk Road needing a place to rest and is truly a culinary and cultural adventure. If you are game, Sunday is a perfect day to begin the adventure as the weekend is often the traditional family day. This also means that the variety of choices is at its best with dozens or “appetizer” sized bites to choose from.

East Ocean Seafood Restaurant provides one of the best experiences anywhere in the East Bay, reminiscent of traditional Dim Sum restaurants in Hong Kong, with a massive dining room filled with many family style tables seating up to 10 or more. This sets the stage for an “energy” that is hard to find elsewhere in the culinary world. Carts roam the room offering diners tempting choices and all you have to do is point to those that you wish to try.

East Ocean Seafood Restaurant is located at 1713 Webster Street, Alameda


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  1. Pacita Dimacali says:

    Not only did the dim sum get better, they also increased their selection. There’s no need to go off the island for good dim sum. There’s always something new to try — don’t miss the jelly fish…yes, jelly fish. A really tasty, crunchy treat!

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