#21 Sometimes It’s Better To Enjoy Things Upside Down

Apple Walnut Pie that is!

If you have never tried it, you are in for a treat! This is Debbie Shahvar’s signature desert, a cross between Apple pie and Tarte Tatin, featured at both Buttercup Grill in Oakland’s Jack London Square and at Buttercup Grill and Bar in Oakland just over the Park Street Bridge, adjacent to the freeway, on Cotton Street. And it is incredible!

I decided to feature this one on Christmas Eve, as so often during the holidays we are rushing to and fro, preparing large, lavish meals at home, or bringing dishes to friends and relatives, it is so easy sometimes to just pop in and pick up a pie to go. While their Upside Down Apple Walnut Pie is my favorite, they have so many to choose from.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and enjoys the time with friends and family!

Buttercup Grill is located at 229 Broadway in Oakland (510) 444-2976
Buttercup Grill and Bar is located at 1000 Cotton Street in Oakland (510) 535-1640

My recommendation is to call ahead to make sure they have the pie available.


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