#23 Pagano’s Hardware and Encinal Hardware

Here’s something you can do in town and accomplish many of your household chores as well. Just take a stroll through either Pagano’s Hardware or Encinal Hardware, both for things you really need, but also just to have funseeing what household gadgets they’ve picked up.

Both of these Alameda institutions are my go to place to get me through the holidays. My two reasons this week were to take care of the Alameda annual holiday ant invasions, yes plural;  and second, to rescue an earring that went down the bathroom sink.

Being technically challenged when it comes to repairs around the house I need a resource to go to with my sophmoric questions. Both local hardware stores can answer most of my inane questions and get me on my way. They never make me feel like a fish out of water, and have always followed up with me the next time I come in to make sure the problem was solved.

I highly value both of these local resources!

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