The Story Behind The Blog

Hi and welcome to 365 Things To Do In Alameda, California. My goal is to post something to do every day for the next 365 days. I, or one of my “guest” writers, will share our experiences and suggestions on places to go, things to try, places to shop and local events of all kinds. I hope you enjoy and I hope you’ll also share with me your experiences and suggestions.

Although I have little experience in this type of thing, for almost ten years now, my husband and I, have been publishing Alameda Magazine, which we started it from scratch. And while I don’t personally write for the magazine, I do have a definite love for everything that makes this island community of ours shine. From this experience with the magazine, friends, clients and acquaintances are always asking for suggestions on what to do around town… and so, I thought I would blog about my experiences, recommendations and what truly sets Alameda apart as a community here in the San Francisco East Bay.

These are all my opinions, and I am by no means an expert on most things discussed here. Some, you may have seen in the pages of the magazine, but you’ll only see them repeated here if I (or a guest writer) has personally experienced them.

I hope you enjoy the journey. I will restart my numbering each January 1, so this first list beginning in December 2010 will be short and then on January 1 I will restart the numbering again to provide you with a full 365 things to do in Alameda, California.


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